A Weekend At Oktoberfest

When it comes to giving summer the sendoff it deserves, there is only one possible option: Oktoberfest, Europe’s most famous celebration of drunken debauchery. It was the perfect destination for a family reunion as some of mine were scattered across the continent: my sister is studying in Derby and my brother in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, while our cousin was traveling and I myself live in Barcelona. So we all agreed to meet in Munich for one wild weekend, courtesy of Stoke Travel‘s party buses to drive us straight into the madness.

THURSDAY: We piled onto buses from our respective departure cities, London for my sister and her friend and Barcelona for my brother and I. The party started then and there with drinking games on the bus, and if that didn’t make passing out any easier then the beds on the Barcelona bus definitely did.

FRIDAY: Touchdown at our Stoketoberfest family reunion! Since there were six of us, we opted to upgrade to a Teepee for more standing room and a slumber party vibe. After leaving our bags we headed into the Stoke area to get our delicious dinner, a heaping plate of nachos, followed by drunken dancing to warm up for the next day’s festivities. We also watched some brave souls spin The Wheel of Misfortune to either win a prize or perform a highly entertaining act of public embarrassment.


SATURDAY: At long last, it was the first official day of Oktoberfest! We grabbed a power breakfast of bacon and eggs at camp and then hit up the Swag Store to get our traditional outfits: liederhosen for the guys and dirndls for the ladies. Then it was time to go hard on our unlimited beer and sangria since we didn’t want to go broke on steins in the beer halls – they’re 10,95 Euros plus tip!

After running through the rain we got to the Oktoberfest grounds and warmed up with some Vodka sherbet shots. Then it was into the Lowenbrau tent to try our luck finding a table, no easy feat at 3pm on opening day. But the Oktoberfest gods smiled upon us and granted us a few empty seats to dance on top of after devouring some Bratwurst and potato dumplings. When we’d downed our steins and drunkenly sang along to our heart’s content we went into the Fun House. This was the best idea we had that day since slippery floors and tipsy humans make for a fantastic time. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Finally we headed back to camp for more partying with endless glasses of beer and sangria.

SUNDAY: Yes we were hungover, but it was worth it. Back on the buses to reality. Until the next adventure!


Video by Tali Matute 
Photos and a Great Time: Stoke Travel


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