5 Things Everyone who Works in Travel Knows

Straight after I graduated, I decided to jump on the alternative lifestyle bandwagon to combine work with travel and see as much of the world as possible. I’m far from the only one. There are many of us with Peter Pan syndrome who work in the Neverland that is the travel industry. Though awesome Instagram photos may trick you into thinking it’s always a good time, there are up days and down days, just like with any job. But I think there are a few things all of us Lost Boys and Mermaids can can agree on…

1. We know travel won’t make us millions. But right now we’ll trade high disposable incomes for more flexible schedules, longer vacations, blurred lines between work and play and ticking new destinations off our bucket lists with our best friends.

And sunsets. Lots of gorgeous sunsets.


2. We would rather go on another trip than have nice things. Seriously, I’ll never understand how some people can drop a month’s salary on a handbag. I could go to three countries with that money!

You can’t put a price on those pre-trip jitters.


3. We often wonder what would have happened if we’d taken the road more travelled. Would we be married, have kids or houses, like all those friends who come up on our Facebook feeds? There’s FOMO for the real world too.

Where will the road less travelled end, and to who?


4. We know we can’t do this forever. As the years go by, we know one day we’ll want to stop living out of backpacks. Sometimes we daydream about settling down, buying furniture, maybe even getting pets.

This could be our pet…


5. But right now, there’s still so much world to see. And the last thing we’ll regret are these adventures.

Time to wander again.




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