7 Reasons You Should Never Visit Barcelona

It’s springtime again in the Catalan capital, and that means a whole new wave of tourists flocking to the city to see what Ed Sheeran’s singing about. Last year, la Ciutat Comtal hosted 7 million visitors. But should you believe the hype? Here are 7 reasons to never ever visit Barcelona.

1. Its size.

Barcelona is often called a big city that feels like a small town. You can pretty much see the highlights on a 3-hour bike tour that takes you from Barceloneta Beach to the mountain of Montjuic and all the Gaudi in between. And they don’t even make you wear a helmet. What happened to health and safety?!

2. Overwhelming nightlife.

The city has an obscene number of clubs ranging from the grimy dives in Placa Reial to fancy hotspots along the beach. And as if clubs closing at 6 am was too early, the party continues into the daytime over the summer with events like El Row and Brunch in the Park. Who could handle that kind of a bender?

3. Pretentious art scene.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing Gaudi’s influence in strangely-shaped buildings, stained glass windows and colourful mosaics. The city was also home to Jon Miro and Pablo Picasso, and has lately developed a vibrant graffiti art scene. No wonder the place is crawling with camera-happy hipsters.

4. Ostentatiously Gorgeous Beaches.

Costa Brava, only an hour outside of Barcelona, is home to sandy beaches, clear blue waters and caves to spend the day kayaking through if you feel like escaping the city. So attention-seeking!

5. The Spanish free-pour.

Unlike in the UK or USA, bartenders in Spain can’t be bothered to measure the alcohol they put in your drink. At Le Cyrano in Barcelona, you pay 3-5 euros to mix drinks for yourself.

6. Music Festivals in the Sun.

Seriously, a music festival just isn’t the same without getting absolutely pissed down on by a freak thunderstorm while wading through thigh-high mud in wellies. And there’s little to no chance of that happening at Primavera Sound or Sonar, both held in sunny Barcelona. Hard-core festival lovers will have to go elsewhere. 

7. Obscene amounts of delicious food.

If your cholesterol survives this assault on your tastebuds, your waistline certainly won’t. Cosmopolitan Barcelona boasts fantastic Spanish food as well as fusion cuisine. You can wake up to eggs benedict, have paella for lunch and dine on japanese-peruvian tapas. Goodbye, bikini body! 

So Stay away from beautiful Barcelona. Stay far, far away.


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